River Cork • 2020




River Cork is a family-owned company founded in 1924, that produces cork stoppers. To adapt to the digital age, River Cork entrusted MINTY Lab with the creation of its new image - young but traditional, reflecting the tradition of the cork industry and the company's modern values.

01. UX / UI + web development

Considering the characteristics of a corporate website with redirect solution, all pages were built around the presentation of products and product categories. In order to facilitate the visualization of the products before proceeding to purchase on the partner site, special emphasis was given to the quick view on the catalog page.

MINTY Lab - River Cork • 2020 MINTY Lab - River Cork • 2020 MINTY Lab - River Cork • 2020

02. Branding

Logo and Countermark

For the visual identity of the brand - both logo and countermark - the geometric lines of the stoppers and the branches of trees were considered.

MINTY Lab - River Cork • 2020


Each cork stopper has a story. And a technical sheet. In order to facilitate the consultation of the same by the customer and a simplified comparison, each sheet can be downloaded online.

MINTY Lab - River Cork • 2020


For the communication with customers, various stationary materials were created, such as business cards and envelopes. For a coherent identity, the colors of the website's visual identity were applied to these materials.

MINTY Lab - River Cork • 2020
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