Patachou • 2019


Ecommerce Platform; Copywriting; Email Marketing; Customer Service.


Patachou is an accessible luxury brand that offers clothes and accessories for baby and children. From their little corner in Portugal, Patachou's universe grew onto Europe and the world and is now in more than 18 markets through several multibrand stores in various countries such as USA, South Korea among others.

01. UX / UI + web development

For a quick navigation between colors, models and sets, Patachou presents several add-ons such as the 'Shop the Look', slide of similar items and color reference on the product page.

MINTY Lab - Patachou • 2019 MINTY Lab - Patachou • 2019 MINTY Lab - Patachou • 2019



The personalization of items is an add-on 100% adapted to Patachou. With the possibility of embroidering names, initials and with options of fonts and icons, it is a valuable feature to add value to the relationship between customers and the brand.

MINTY Lab - Patachou • 2019

Shop the Look

The 'Shop the Look' add-on allows the customer to purchase entire looks proposed by the brand from inspirational images from the seasonal editorial.

MINTY Lab - Patachou • 2019


Patachou's checkout page was adapted to the needs of customers with the possibility of messages and packaging options that allow to transform purchases into gifts.

MINTY Lab - Patachou • 2019
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